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Hard at work

World Teacher's Day

Today is World Teacher's Day! A perfect occasion to present this blog, a typical day and all the news from School Britannia.

Why write a blog? Writing this blog brings me into contact with new people and that is the main reason why I also chose to become a teacher. When I was a teenager my father gave me a very useful piece of advice,

"Julia, choose a job which allows you to give something to

somebody else"

And that's what it means to be a teacher. Teaching English is not just teaching grammar but teaching culture, literature; talking about my life and experiences. Teaching English is also about listening and giving the student a chance to express himself.

With this blog we can keep in touch. I can tell you what I think and you, in turn, can read and understand what motivates us at School Britannia.

This week many of our children's courses are starting (just ask for info!). The photos show us at work at the Istituto Comprensivo Commenda;  a challenging but very worthwhile project. We have also started a collaboration with the CRAL Eni and we look forward to other exciting events in the coming months. 

So over to you! What are you waiting for? Everyone knows that a good knowledge of the English language is essential to get on in life. And the sooner you start the better! We have courses for pretty much everyone.

In this month of October, well be talking about Autumn, new colours, new experiences and of course Halloween; don't go away!


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