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Ready, steady, GO!

Ready, steady, GO!

Back to School! Three simple words. What do you think when you hear them? For many people a new academic year represents the end of summer, the end of freedom; something sad and negative.

Not for us! Not for School Britannia!

It’s a bit like the first of January. A new year, new teachers, new students, new friends. But it’s also the possibility to welcome back our old friends, to congratulate them on their exam results, to hear about their travels and to continue learning together.

Learning English is an ongoing project. Here at School Britannia it’s also fun! You will be welcomed with a smiling face and professionality and be reassured by the knowledge that you will be learning a language with a native speaker who wants to share her world and culture with you.

A journey through music, literature, television, and cinema created to give you a 360 degree view of modern English as it is used today, the means to communicate with people the world over. Speaking, listening, reading and writing; the instruments you need to express yourself.

We’re ready for this academic year. Are you?

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