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Stefania and Cambridge Certificate 2

Certificates: a ticket to ride

“I passed!”, screams of joy and satisfaction. For our students. And for us. After a year’s hard work, the stress of the exam and the nervous wait for the results. And then the certificate arrives.

A certificate in English is not just a piece of paper to frame and put on the wall. Studying English is about learning to communicate. It’s about saying what you think; listening to other people’s opinions and learning from them; understanding your favourite song! Studying English is about writing in a clear and comprehensive way; getting your ideas across,; it’s reading a newspaper, having a different point of view.


So why do we need certificates? What’s the point? The idea of sitting an exam gives us a goal, a clear objective. A certificate says “this is what I’ve achieved” It tells our future employers and our teachers at school, “This is what I can do”! It gives us order in our studies, a clear path for improvement, the building blocks to help us arrive where we want to go. Motivation and satisfaction.

School Britannia offers the right preparation for the Cambridge ESOL examinations, from the colourful Young Learner’s: Starters, Movers and Flyers to the more challenging exams available for Young Adults and Adults, from Level A2 (CEFR Global Scale) to the heights of C1 (Advanced). Last year we were delighted to prepare a group for the C” level (Proficiency), a challenge for both students and teachers! We will be repeating the experience again this academic year.

School Britannia takes its examination programme very seriously. In the global marketplace a certificate is a MUST; something you can’t do without.

We believe however, that our students should learn in a relaxed and stimulating environment and should arrive spontaneously at the level required to take an exam. It’s NOT a race! A certificate is not just an addition to their C.V. but a ticket to ride. It’s the proof that they can speak, listen, read and write in English. And this is the greatest achievement of all!

Congratulations to all of our students on their exam results and good luck to all of you who are starting off this year!

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