Ready, steady, GO!

Back to School! Three simple words. What do you think when you hear them? For many people a new academic year represents the end of summer, the end of freedom; something sad and negative.

Not for us! Not for School Britannia!

Pre-iscrizioni 2016-2017

Iniziano le pre-iscrizioni ai corsi di inglese School Britannia per l'anno 2016-2017. Gli studenti che intendono riconfermare la loro presenza e tutti i nuovi iscritti potranno usufruire delle seguenti agevolazioni se presenteranno domanda ento il 17 Giugno 2016:

Say hello to the teacher

Today is World Teacher's Day! A perfect occasion to present this blog, a typical day and all the news from School Britannia.

Why write a blog? Writing this blog brings me into contact with new people and that is the main reason why I also chose to become a teacher. When I was a teenager my father gave me a very useful piece of advice,

"Julia, choose a job which allows you to give something to

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